Garrett Koeppicus drew the logos for me, because he’s the best roommate ever.

Also, I think all these bands actually exist in Vancouver.

While I’m at it, The Shivering Brigade is a band I play with and while not listed on this graph, we’re fighting real hard to get a record off the ground. You should check us out here:

The x-axis goes as far as I know about, but it might go farther. There’s been some racist bullshit going on at Oberlin, where I went to college, and I’ve been alternately impressed and dismayed by the community’s response to it. There’s a lot of entitled liberals who love to congratulate themselves on how tolerant and multicultural they are while not wanting to change anything about the fucked-up system they uphold, but there’s also a lot of kids who have moved beyond that and towards agitating for real change and accountability.
Here’s a pretty good comic by somebody in the latter category

Scanner issues, sorry we’re late this week.
Also, I honestly do believe I’d rather sniff glue than go to a strip club.

I love the goddamn Ramones. Also, I think I’m gonna try an update-every-Tuesday schedule and see how that works.

Suckitude: Many things suck worse than the Dave Matthews Band, but not in such a conveniently quantifiable way. I would need way more complex math and probably a logarithmic scale to quantify, for example, how much “mens rights” groups suck.

A few common love polygons. Note that for a regular n-sided polygon, as n approaches infinity, the form becomes that of a circle-jerk.

The Uncanny Valley is a phenomenon whose name actually describes what it looks like when graphed.  Pretty dorky.  It’s caused by our brains getting creeped out at activating both the parts that we use to recognize real faces and the parts that we use for our imagination.  In my experience, things get creepy much quicker than they get less creepy, but then, I am unusually afraid of animatronic things…

Differences in expression of a shared element of two sub-cultures.  Note that Cock-Rock Dudes’ affinity for Zeppelin actually decreases as individuals become more consumed by the stereotype, as it gives way to more genre-conforming bands like Buckcherry or Mötley Crüe.  Note also at the top of the fandom scale, affected individuals’ pants and undergarments consist entirely of re-purposed Led Zeppelin t-shirts.

Sex While Listening to “Combination Pizza Hut / Taco Bell” —The first graph I ever made, circa July 2010. Das Racist, the rap group who wrote and performed the song, recently announce their break-up, giving me an excuse to post this graph and start this blog. I do you the courtesy of not providing a link to the infuriatingly catchy and catchily infuriating song.

If you can write down the equation for the extra credit assignment and can figure out how to present it to me in person, I will make you a sandwich.  *EDIT* I don’t actually know if this function is continuous, so presenting me with a valid proof that it is not continuous will also merit you a sandwich.